Investing in London


 London needs an Economic Development Fund

London needs investment dollars to jump start our community’s revitalization of the downtown.  Our citizens have shared their ideas and goals for the city’s economic development projects and the vision is coming together.  We have agreed that we need to begin by making improvements in the heart of our city and we have attracted interest from the private sector. However, in order to get things moving – to get to the next level and develop private/public partnerships the City of London needs to bring investment dollars to the table.

Private companies have indicated they are willing to move forward to help get London growing again, but a partnership means each side brings something to the table and when we are talking building and development we are talking money.  To achieve our vision, to get the ball rolling and job creation underway, the City must be able to provide investment dollars for specific projects.  The private sector will also bring dollars to the table. It’s how business is done – that’s a partnership.

An economic development investment fund will also allow us to leverage money from other levels of government. When the Federal and Provincial governments put together programs to encourage and support local infrastructure and development, the prerequisites for accessing these funds is again often dependent on the municipality being able to match funds or provide a percentage of dollars. When opportunities for government program grants and partnerships arise London needs to have plans in place and its dollar in hand.  In the past, London has missed out on its share of project funding from other levels of government because it wasn’t ready. We need to be ready.  London needs to take the next step toward responsible planning and investment in its future, in our children’s future.

The idea of a community building fund isn’t new but I believe it is a viable option for London. The money invested by Londoners will be designated for the purpose of economic development and the fund will be transparent. You will see where your investment dollars are benefiting your community, your family, your friends and your neighbours.

I look forward to hearing your ideas and comments and I encourage you to email me at

Honourable Joe Fontana

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Let’s Talk

Londoner’s have exceptional ideas and the drive, strength and ability to implement them.

Let’s continue to talk and explore the opportunities for our city.

I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

I also encourage you to join me at my Virtual Town Halls.  It is a great way to stay in touch, provide your questions and feedback.
Watch for the next date – coming in February – we’ll talk budget.

Honourable Joe Fontana

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Team London

London’s Music Industry Development Task Force.

I am very pleased to provide the following information with regard to the Music Industry and opportunities for our city to expand an exciting and growing sector.  London is home to amazing musicians and talented music artists and to those who support them.  Please get involved and help us find creative and mutually beneficial ways to move this sector forward.

Qualified residents of the municipality are invited to apply for appointment to the London’s Music Industry Development Task Force.

Download the Application Form here.

NOTICE TO ALL APPLICANTS: The City will post on the Prosperity for London website a short biography for each candidate appointed to the Task Force. If you are appointed, you will be required to prepare a short biography, consistent with the information in the application. You will provide the City with written consent to post the short biography on the Prosperity for London website.

Please leave sufficient time for this application form to be received by the deadline:

11:59 p.m., Friday, May 9, 2014, at the offices of the Corporate Investments and Partnerships Division.


Application and related documents sent by e-mail must use the subject line: London’s Music Industry Development Task Force and must be in a scanned, pdf or other non-editable format. It is suggested you return the application form by mail, email or in person.


Questions related to the London’s Music Industry Development Task Force can also be directed to the below street, fax and e-mail addresses.

Corporate Investments and Partnerships Office


By mail:     11th Floor, London City Hall

300 Dufferin Ave., P.O. Box 5035

London, Ontario, N6A 4L9

By email:


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