A New Year’s Levee – January 6th

In Home Page On January 2, 2013

Londoners are invited to welcome in the New Year at a Levee on Sunday, January 6th, from 2 – 4 pm. Our host location for 2013 will be… Read More »

Happy Hanukkah

In Home Page On December 11, 2012

This is a wonderful season of celebration and tradition.  We share our beliefs and our cultures in a spirit of kindness and peace.  We marvel at miracles of… Read More »

City of London – Report to the Community

In Home Page On December 5, 2012

If you haven’t had an opportunity to review the Report to the Community – check it out here. Great job and lots of good information. City of London… Read More »

2013 Budget Process

In Home Page On December 3, 2012

London’s 2013 BUDGET will be tabled tomorrow – Tuesday, December 4th – at the Strategic Priorities & Policies Committee. On July 24, 2012 Council recommended that Civic Departments,… Read More »

Trimming the Tree at City Hall

In Home Page On December 3, 2012

A Review of Year TWO

In Uncategorized On November 20, 2012

During my campaign for Mayor I pledged to be accessible to Londoners and to provide them with information about what was happening in their city.  This time last… Read More »

Year Three

In Home Page, Media Release On November 19, 2012

As this Council nears the end of its second year I would like to publically thank each council member, senior management and all city staff, for their continued… Read More »

New Standing Committees Confirmed

In Home Page On November 1, 2012

The term of the following Committees will be from December 1, 2012 to November 30, 2013.   Civic Works Committee   Councillor P. Van Meerbergen(Chair) Mayor J. Fontana… Read More »

Complete Business Protection

In Home Page, Media Release On October 30, 2012

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When business owners purchase commercial insurance in Barrie, they will be protecting their liabilities and property that is described in their policy. The coverage also may include the cost of legal expenses and judgments. The cost of judgments can be expensive and it could ruin a business. Assets may get seized, equipment was taken away, financial accounts froze, and income is taken out to pay the amount owed in a judgment. These problems can destroy the reputation and operations of a business. Being able to purchase commercial insurance will help eliminate these issues from occurring. It is important to protect your business and yourself from financial loss or business destruction.

An individual can purchase a commercial policy with ease. A qualified insurance broker can assist in picking the right policy. There are a variety of different options that businesses can choose from when deciding on commercial insurance. The broker will be able to make sure you get the type of policy that will benefit you and your business. Being able to use a broker to help with picking the right policy, will save time and money. This can also be effective in knowing what you do not need and should not be paying for. The coverage that you purchase should be useful for your needs as a business owner and not be forced to purchase coverage you do not need.

Commercial insurance policies can be purchased for a variety of businesses and establishments. A business owner should consider purchasing insurance as soon as possible to ensure that there is protection in case of a problem. It would be better, to begin with coverage than to be stuck in an awkward moment with no coverage at all. A purchase of protection can allow you to focus on growing your company, instead of working if there is going to be an unexpected legal concern.

Virtual Town Hall Was On Tuesday

In Home Page, Live Virtual Town Hall On October 23, 2012

Thank you to my guests and to the Londoners who joined me on the on Tuesday night. This Special Edition focused on London’s Environmental Sector and was a… Read More »