I believe in a Team London.  In my first “State of the City Address”  I asked everyone in attendance to be part of that Team and I’m happy to report many of them took me up on it.

I heard from many Londoners who wanted to share ideas and opportunities to make our city better.  We must always strive to be the best we can be and we must work together.

I believe our Council and City of London employees work well as a Team.

A “Team London” went to China in November to establish stronger partnerships and create stronger connections for investment.  The Team approach was well received and has resulted in a number of return visits.  London IS on the radar for new investment from global players and we must be ready to show a united and positive team, when opportunities are presented.

I recently spoke to a gathering at the London Club and my message to them was direct.  “London needs all its forces working to promote what we offer”.  London needs Londoners to step up and share their stories.  Why did I come to London? What does the city provide my business, my family and my employees?  We need to hear the third party endorsements and be able to introduce our business leaders to those looking for the right place to invest.  We all need to be an active member of “Team London”.

The Mayor’s Economic Prosperity Council came together as a strong “Team” and the results and recommendations are posted below.  We are moving in the right direction.  We must keep up the momentum.

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