Mayor’s Economic Prosperity Council

Final Report and Summaryforprint June13v2

MEPC Report – July 2011


London – Smart, Amazing and Top of the List


The Mayor’s Economic Prosperity Council (MEPC) released its Report & Summary in early June and from the resulting Strategic Framework and Pillar recommendations, it is evident the Londoners who helped provide the insight and foresight for the MEPC are convinced our city has the substance  and potential to move London in the right direction. London is an amazing city and Londoners must begin to say it often and with passion.

London has what Mayor Fontana has dubbed the FIVE I’s, (much more powerful than the Fantastic Four) but capable of producing super results in growth and business expansion.

Infrastructure: London’s infrastructure includes a transportation corridor that connects it to the world, land available for development and an international airport, complete with a possible FREE TRADE ZONE.

Immigration: London’s population is diverse and educational facilities and businesses are actively seeking new Canadians to share quality of life and help build for the generations of tomorrow.

Investments: London can get the money. The establishment of a Commercialization Fund with local dollars, to assist London companies, to allow London based ideas to get to the marketplace and be successful is already underway (one of the MEPC recommendations). At the same time, London is welcoming new investment from national and international sources, because the CEO’S of global companies are looking for cities ready to do business.  London is ready.

Innovation: London’s innovators are all around and entrepreneurs are standing in every doorway.  London is developing and engineering new products and processes in every possible sector, from agriculture, food processing, medical, manufacturing, defence, environmental and new media.  London’s arts and cultural sector is brimming with talent and pushing creativity out and beyond our borders.

Intelligence: London is a smart city.  The topnotch educational facilities are world renowned.  They continue to create new opportunities to benefit students and employers – combined theory and practical experience to produce graduates that are valued and in demand.

London has what it takes to grow and sustain an enviable quality of life, for all its residents.  London is an amazing city and its super power lies within every business and individual.  Look – at the top of the list – it’s London.

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