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Special Edition Environment October 23, 2012 

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Virtual Town Halls have been a mainstay of my communication strategy since before I was elected.  I started using the online version of gathering a crowd because I wanted to stay in touch and be in touch with as many Londoners as possible and sometimes it is impossible for people to physically gather in the same space.  Technology however has created a slick and very friendly solution to that challenge.  My Virtual Town Halls have originated from a number of places  (Red Roaster Cafe, City Hall, the John Labatt Centre, Covent Garden Market, The Aeolian Hall) and we’re looking for new sites all the time.  The prerequisite is a dependable internet connection and we can go live and interactive.

Using the technology to keep in touch.

If you haven’t joined us yet, please do so.  We alternate times – sometimes a noon meeting or often an early evening 7:30 or 8:00 pm start.  Just click on the link below and follow the onscreen instructions.  You may choose to just watch but we’d love to have you join in an ask the questions that are on your mind.  Challenge me with new ideas.  Lively debate and the occasional laugh is the order of day.  Stay in touch and be an active part of your community.  Help me understand what issues are key to you and how you see your city.

We also archive past Virtual Town Halls and you can catch up with anything you may have missed.



Link to Live Broadcast

Link to Previous Virtual Town Halls

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