As this Council nears the end of its second year I would like to publically thank each council member, senior management and all city staff, for their continued commitment to London.  In the past several weeks, there have been those who have made it challenging for us to stay focused on what is important and to our daily work schedules. I want to thank all those who have risen above the rhetoric and stayed the course.


During the past week I made it a point to contact every council member so that I might hear their thoughts and discuss their priorities as we enter year three of our elected term.  It is important that we, as a Council, continue to work on behalf of Londoners. Our conversations have been candid, open and productive. There is much work left to be completed in the second half of our mandate – retaining and attracting jobs and investment – tax relief and maintaining our quality of life.  This is what Council will be focused on.


Make no mistake, I treat the allegations that have been levied as serious, but I have not and will not allow them to be a distraction from my duties and obligations of my office.  It is apparent to me that Londoners are extremely fair-minded and believe in the principles our justice system works on. Thank you to all who have contacted me and shared their support and kind words.


I will not stand aside or leave my responsibilities as Mayor.

I will continue to work on behalf of Londoners. Your Council will start its third year in December and we will stay focused on the job we were elected to do.


Council will continue to serve the community and work effectively.


Thank you for attention, understanding, support and patience.


Honourable Joe Fontana

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